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Over 300 m² of space for the storage of Conventional, HiB and Laser grain oriented electrical steel in coils.

Slitting Dept.:
Hi-Tech slitting equipment - cutting speed 300 m/min.

Core Cutting Dept:
45° step lap core cutting machine, with automatic stacking for distribution transformers cores - Quality & Testing Dept.

Installation of 45° step lap cutting system, automatic stacking for EXTREMELY LARGE power transformer cores.

Core Assembly Dept:
no. 1 assembly table for magnetic cores up to 110 Mt in weight.
no. 1 assembly table for the magnetic cores up to 90 Mt in weight.
Assembly tables for the magnetic cores up to 20/25 Mt in weight.

Quality & Testing Dept.:
lab to measure the Electromagnetic properties of the material as per the international standards. On-line measuring equipment to record continuously the electromechanical properties of each coil, during the slitting operation.

No-load tests to guarantee the electrical performance of each manufactured core. Certificate to Guarantee containing the test results will be provided as well.

The factory will be equipped with anechoic chamber to facilitate the measurement of the sound pressure and sound power levels in accordance with international standards.